School Bully Gets Disciplined In Class Part 2 - Carnal Productions - Full HD/MP4

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Exclusive Cover School Bully Gets Disciplined In Class Part 2 - Carnal Productions - Full HD/MP4
Screenlist School Bully Gets Disciplined In Class Part 2 - Carnal Productions - Full HD/MP4

Model: Miss Roxy, Dilan, Mila Grant
Studio: Carnal Productions

Format: mp4
Duration: 00:18:55
Resolution: 1440x1080
Size: 1,4 GB

Description: Miss Roxy found out and disciplined both girls. Then told Dilan and Mila that they were going to get on from now on and would become friends.

In this video, part 2, Dilan and Mila are in class and Dilan has been instructed to help Mila with her homework. But once Miss Roxy leaves the girls alone, Dilan gets impatient and suddenly starts spanking Mila over her desk. Mila cries out in pain and embarrassment as she is humiliated by her classmate. In desperation, she holds onto the edge of the desk when out of nowhere, Dilan pushes the drawer shut with Mila's fingers in it.

Miss Roxy walks back in and asks Dilan what she thinks she's doing. Dilan starts stammering an excuse but Miss Roxy isn't having it. She tells Dilan to come with her to her office and encourages Mila to go back to doing her homework.

In her office, Miss Roxy tells Dilan off for bullying her classmate and while Dilan apologises, Miss Roxy doesn't think that is quite enough. She tells Dilan to put her hands out for a hand tawsing of 3 strokes on each hand.

Dilan's response to the hand tawsing is not remorseful enough and as a result, Miss Roxy brings out the heavy strap. Dilan has to lie on the sofa with her bare bottom out while Miss Roxy delivers the blows. In the meantime, Mila has quietly snuck up to the office door and is having a peek inside. Seeing Dilan get a strapping makes her smile but then suddenly, Miss Roxy sees Mila at the door and tells her to come inside.

She asks Mila what she thinks she is doing and Mila stammers that she just happened to walk past and was curious as to what was happening. She says that she didn't mean to pry. Mila is told to come inside and close the door. Dilan gets to stand up and Mila now has to lie down. Miss Roxy gives Mila a long and harsh taste of the very same strap that she just used on Dilan. Mila cries out and tries to get away and Dilan has to hold her down to keep her still.

When Miss Roxy thinks it's been enough, both girls are told to stand up and pull their uniforms back down. They apologise to each other and make up and will maybe be friends this time around.
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